Toda Powered EG6 SiR Update


Not much progress this past 12 months with the business growing month on month. Engine is out to assess what is required refurbishment wise in the engine bay. Good news, not a lot! We now have all the parts required to continue this build.

More to follow shortly..

Engine and Transmission
Original 113k km B16A
Haltech ECU
Mugen Engine Mounts
Toda Racing C2 Camshafts
Toda Racing Camgears for B16A/B16B/B18C
Toda Racing Cambelt
Toda Racing Valvesprings for B16A/B16B/B18C
Toda Racing 1.0mm Headgasket for B16A/B16B/B18C
Toda Racing Oil Pump
Toda Racing Individual Throttle Body Kit
Toda Racing Throttle Body Carbon Housing
GruppeM RamAir System with hose to Toda Carbon Housing
Toda Racing Throttle Lever for B Series
J's Racing Baffled Sump - With Oil Temp Sensor
Mugen Oil Filter
Spoon Magnetic Drain Bolt Set
FEEL's Radiator (and Radiator Cap)
J's Racing Fan Switch
J's Racing Low Temp Thermostat
Spoon Radiator Hoses
Spoon Radiator Stay
Spoon High Tension Cables
Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust System
Fujitsubo Super EX Headers
5zigen Decat Pipe
J's Racing Hanger Set
Spoon Clutch Line
Spoon LSD with Kaaz Fluid
Ogura Racing Light Clutch Kit
Cusco 4.714 Final Drive

Endless 4 Piston 282mm Front Brake Kit
Endless Basic Rear Rotors
Endless SSM Rear Pads
Endless Swivel Steel Lines
Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid

FEEL's Aragosta Coilovers
Mugen Front Strut Brace (Limited Production Run in 2019)
Mugen Rear Strut Brace (Limited Production Run in 2019)
Seeker Engine Torque Damper
J's Racing Rear Camber Arms
J's Racing Front Lower Arms
J's Racing Front Negative Upper Arm
J's Racing Rear Compensating Arms
J's Racing Roll Center Adjusters
J's Racing Front Compliance Bushes
J's Racing Bush Set
Cusco DC2 Rear Anti Roll Bar
Spoon Shift Linkage Bush Set
Cusco Pillarside Bars
M&M Honda C-Pillar Brace
Carbing Front Tie Bar
Carbing Rear Tie Bar
Brand new Genuine Honda Rear Lower Arms
Brand new Genuine Honda Front Forks
Brand new Genuine Honda Front Knuckles

Spoon Carbon Bonnet
Spoon Carbon Wing
Spoon Sports Wiper Blade Set
Spoon Carbon Mirrors
First Molding Carbon Front Lip
Mugen Number Plate Bolt Set
Enkei NT03 16x7" Wheels
Enkei Duralumin Locking Wheel Nut Set
Federal RSR Pro 205/45R16 tyres

Genuine 1991 SiR interior
Mugen MS-R Full Bucket Seats
Bride FO Rails
Defi 3 Din Gauge
HPI 4 Point Harnesses
M&M Honda Harness Point Brackets
Spoon Blue Wide Rear View Mirror
Mugen Sports Pedal Set
Seeker Titanium Gearknob