FD2 Project Update Vol 1


After inspection this FD2 was exactly what I was looking for. Up at USS Nagoya (our preferrd house), Grade 4.5, 65k km, 1 owner in Japan and a few nice goodies including RG coilovers and Fujitsubo Authorize RM cat back. Interior was Grade B but had very little sign of wear, the rear seats still had the delivery stickers on them and I don't think they've been sat in much. A good test is the rear seat belt retraction. Higher km cars tend to not be as smooth going back in. These were like new. The boot was in great condition too, no damage to the trims at all. I was the highest bidder but reserve not met, our agent came back with the negotiation price and a deal was struck.

Then.. COVID hit. The car sat at Newcastle docks for several weeks before I finally had chance to get my hands on her. At last..

As soon as the normal MOT, speedo chip/odo correction and underseal had been done I immediately went to work on fine tuning the already brilliant chassis. Cusco Anti Roll Bars were used increasing diameter to 28mm on the front and 23mm on the rear. OEM is 26mm on the front and 21mm on the rear.

I opted for J's Racing Front and Rear Strut Braces as well as a J's Racing Engine Torque Damper. After some fine tuning of the damper setting it now drives perfectly with very little engine movement on gear changes. A brand we've started importing a fair amount of is M&M Honda; they've supplied the Rear Tie Bar, Carbon Intake Cover and Drop In Filter. FEEL's were on hand to supply the rear wing blade in Twill Weave Carbon, Titanium Shift Knob and Carbon ECU Cover.

Not much looks better than Mugen aero on the FD2. I went for the Front Under Spoiler and Sports Grille and while I was at it Carbon Plug Cover, Radiator Cap, Oil Filter, Gold Oil Cap, Res Tank Cover and Quick Shifter.

While waiting for the DVLA to issue the registration I purchased my private plate. K20 NFS. NFS? Need for speed? Nope. No Fake Shit. A philopshy that I've had for almost 20 years of messing with cars. Do it right or leave it OEM.

Changing OEM suspension for some cheap Taiwanese brand with a Japanese sounding name is the epitome of everything wrong with the scene in the UK. Got OEM Rays on your Z33? Why not swap them out for some Rotas? No. Stop. Just stop. Got Bilstein on your Evo VIII MR? Yeah let's swap them out for BC Coilovers. No. Stop. Just stop.

The wait for the Bride Stradia II Japan seats was long but worth it. Absolutely stunning seats with Super Aramid backs on them. As usual, perfect fitment to the Bride RO rails and align perfectly with the OEM mounting holes. The Bride RO rails are also dual locking so you don't suffer from seat movement under heavy breaking as the unlocked side is still trying to move under the forces. Bride also supplied a nice matching set of seat covers to protect the seats from damage and wear. My only complaint with the FD2 apart from the ride harshness is the seating position; i wanted to sit maybe 20-30mm lower than in OEM seats but as the OEM seats aren't Recaro it isn't possible to lower the seats like you can on the EK9/DC2/EP3/DC5. This solution is perfect and as their tagline suggests; Bride do make "Holding Monsters".

What? Wait? No Spoon parts? Spoon supplied their legendary Momo Steering Wheel, Hub, Wide Mirror Glass for Rear View and Side Mirrors.

By far the hardest part of this build has been wheel choice. I must have spent 20 hours researching wheel fitments on Japanese sites such as cartune.me and of course, google images. In the end I went with Rays Volk ZE40 18x7.5 ET48 wrapped in Michelin Pilot Cup2 235/40R18. To say the grip level is insane is an understatement. I've always been an advocate of Advan A048s but I needed a tyre that wasn't too noisy and the Pilot Cup 2s haven't disappointed.

Next up is a Toda Decat, Mugen Oil Filter, Mugen Sump and Mugen Front and Rear Discs. Endless MX72 Front Pads and Type R Rear Pads along with Endless lines and Endless RF650 Fluid will complete the brake setup. This will be completed this Friday.

Then what? To finish the car for 2020 a Mugen Bonnet will arrive next month. Our paintshop will complete the work on that along with J's Racing Front Duct Surrounds in OEM DB83P Blackberry Pearl. Plans for next year are pretty small tbh, sort very minor bodywork imperfections, Fujitsubo header and a remap. The plan was never to build a high power turbo build or a K24 frank but a subtle blend of OEM+ parts with a near mint condition base car.

And right now it's almost, just almost there..