FD2 Project Begins - No Fake Shit!


Being around Japanese imports since the late 90s (over half of my life) I respect the companies that have developed parts for so many of the cars I've owned and admired. From the early days when only the likes of HKS, Apexi and Blitz were freely available here to the internet boom; Hundreds of companies have come and gone and in more recent years the rise of copies, counterfeit and fake shit has spread across the scene like a cancer.

Without companies in Japan driving technology and development forward there would be no new parts being developed to be enjoyed on our cars. Because of my mindset towards fake products I opted for a private plate for my FD2. K20 NFS. Or simply K20 "no fake shit".

Seeing an FD2 with JR wheels and a copy of a TTS intake makes me cringe. To fit these horrible parts to such an iconic car. Why? If you can't afford Enkei, leave the OEM wheels. If you can't afford a Mugen Intake, GruppeM etc, just leave it OEM.

Handmade parts cost money. They cost money because the process required to manufacture to a high standard takes time and craftsmanship. Chinese copies you see on retail sites here in the UK are just alibaba or wish.com junk rebranded. I waited 3 months for my FEEL's carbon wing blade to arrive. And it didn't disappoint. Quality over quantity is the key to a memorable build. Not just bolting as much off the shelf crap you can find on ebay.

The build list is complete with many of the parts already fitted. The thicker Cusco Anti Roll Bars have tightened up the handling no end. Once the ZE40s arrive wrapped in the legendary Michelin Pilot Cup 2s the handling should be even better.

The seating position in the FD2 is too high in my opinion so Bride Stradia II Japans are on the way with a lowered RO rails to bring the seating position down.

Engine and Transmission
Toda Racing Throttle Body
Undecided ECU - probably Ecutek
FEEL's Carbon ECU Cover
M&M Honda Carbon Intake Cover
M&M Honda Drop In Filter
Mugen Baffled Sump
Spoon Engine and Transmission Sump Plugs
Mugen Carbon Plug Cover
Mugen Hi-Pressure Radiator Cap
Mugen Oil Filter
Mugen Oil Cap (Gold)
Mugen Reserviour Tank Cover
Fujitsubo Authorise RM Exhaust System

Mugen Front Brake Rotors
Mugen Rear Brake Rotors
Endless MX72 Front Pads
Endless Type R Rear Pads
Endless Street Brake Lines
Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid

RG Coilovers
Cusco 28mm Front Anti Roll Bar
Cusco 23mm Rear Anti Roll Bar
FEEL's Rear Adjustable Upper Arms
J's Racing Front Strut Brace
J's Racing Rear Strut Brace
J's Racing Engine Torque Damper
M&M Honda Rear Tie Bar

FEEL's Twill Weave 3D Rear Wing
Rays Volk Racing ZE40 (18x7.5J 5x114.3 ET48 - Bronze)
Rays Volk Racing Center Caps
Michelin Pilot Cup 2 (235/40R18)
Rays L42 nuts
Mugen Front Under Spoiler
Mugen Sports Grille
Mugen Aero Bonnet
Mugen Number Plate Bolt Set

Bride Stradia Japan Seat (Normal Cushion)
Bride RO Rails
Spoon Steering Boss
Spoon Blue Wide Mirrors
Spoon Blue Wide Rear View Mirror
Spoon Sports Steering Wheel
Mugen Quick Shifter
FEEL's Shift Knob