Collection Report: Sub 20k mile Evolution IV GSR


In October 1995 the Evo base model, the Lancer, underwent a full model change. This led to the Evolution series moving into its second generation. This progression was marked with the release of the fourth iteration of the Lancer Evolution, known as the Mitsubishi Evo IV, launched in August 1996. An innovative car, the first to use Active Yaw Control. The Evo IV sold 6,000 cars in just the first three days after launch with a total of 12,000 cars produced.

Like other Evolution iterations, the Evolution IV was available in two model variants. The first, the RS (Rally Sport) model was designed to meet the needs of the World Rally Championship Works Team, with a more functional equipment specification. The RS model was the version that the rally machine was based on and a set number had to be produced to meet homologation regulations.

The second model the GSR, was built for sport driving enjoyment. It was equipped to allow regular drivers to extract its superior driving dynamics with confidence. Most Evo models you see going through auction are the GSR variants. Although the RS was the cheaper of the two models new, RS models can fetch up to 30% more than the GSR models!

Following the full model change of the Lancer base model, the Lancer Evolution IV used a new design multi-link suspension at the rear, a 4G63 intercooled turbo engine, which was modified with a high-speed cam profile, forged pistons and a twin-scroll turbocharger. This meant an extra 10PS was squeezed out (compared to the CE9A Evolution III), delivering a maximum output of 280PS/276hp*

*Japanese gentlemen's agreement nonsense. More like 290ps!

The Evo IV is recognisable from its two large fog lights on the front bumper, along with the newly designed tail lights at the rear. These lights became a standard design on future Evolution models.

Roll on some 24 years and Connor contacted us about finding a near original Evo IV GSR in the flagship Scotia White. All Evo models are becoming harder to find in good condition and more importantly, all are rising in value. We came across this low mileage example at auction knowing it needed some love. Covering just 800 miles a year since first registration we knew this could fetch top money. A vin check revealed it had covered very little mileage in the past 10 years and on inspection it was clear it had just been sat outside in the sun for long periods. Neither the less, we still had stiff opposition at auction but secured the car; albeit a little over budget.

Once it arrived in the UK we began identifying areas that needed attention. Wheels needed refurbishment with original OZ stickers required. Exhaust manifold heatshield was totally shot, the front cross member needed replacing and the brake discs and pads needed replacing and calipers unseizing. Even the exhaust was the original OEM system!

Never scared of a challenge our paintshop did wonders on bringing this Evo IV back to its glory. We are immensely proud of this car. It brings back wonderful memories of being in my early 20s and enjoying spirited Sunday drives in my Evo IV.. I am sure Connor will look after her and give her the care she needs to remain in this top condition.