Collection Report: CL7 - The bargain performance Honda


When we think of performance 4 door saloons powered by high revving VTEC engines we think of the FD2 and the earlier CL1. The CL7 gets overlooked. Is it the subtle styling? Who knows..

But the truth is the CL7 is capable. Powered by the K20A, slick 6 speed manual and LSD and with a host of aftermarket parts available you can turn a CL7 into a weapon. Without doubt the weakest part of the CL7 is the suspension/ride height. Not as focussed as the K20A powered Type R machines the OEM suspension rides high - comfort had to be considered by Honda when spec'ing the Euro-R.

The client who wanted this CL7 is well known to us; we've helped him build a few cars over the years including this EP3. He opitomises the No Fake Shit ideology perfectly. :)

Some amazing parts are on this CL7. Recaro SR-7 KK100 seats finished the cockpit off perfectly while retaining full comfort. Endless 2-piece discs and 6 piston calipers provide the anchors, rear Endless discs and pads finish the Endless theme off.

Suspension kindly provided by Cusco and the front upper strut brace by Carbing. Finishing off the styling is a stunning set of Advan RSII 17x8.0J ET45 wrapped in Advan rubber.

What is quite surprising is the mileage on this car touching 120k miles now. But a little restoration and custom colour coding and it looks box fresh..

CL7s are creeping up in price but still a sub £10k bargain for a good one!