Collection Report: BNR34 V-Spec II



The RS Turbo was considered "old" and was associated with young males driving around town centres with music booming and a barely legal girl in the passenger seat..

Where was the next generation of sports cars or sporty hatchbacks going to come from?

The Vectra GSi was terrible. Like bad, really bad. The Escort Cosworth was discontinued. At the time I had a Vauxhall Cavalier GSi. The trusty old girl was on her 2nd engine and after an engine fire I was at a cross roads. I'd already spent a fortune on this car including a trip to Courtenay, the engine fire put me in a bad mood.

I wasn't ready to stop messing with cars. I didn't want a BMW 318i on finance or a brand new Ford Focus. Dull.

Then, out of nowhere this happened.

Gran Turismo was the reason why so many cars became known outside of Japan

An entirely new world of cars was suddenly opened up to UK owners. And the Japanese import boom started.. I had 2 importers close to me, often spending a saturday morning seeing what they had in stock. Mostly MX-5s and Impreza Wagons..

Mitsubishi started offering the CP9A Evolution VI as a UK car. Nissan offered the BNR34 as a UK car via Middlehurst.

Still at an age where I needed ID to buy alcahol the BNR34 GT-R V-Spec II was out of my price range. I settled on a 1993 Pulsar GTi-R. I made many friends through ownership of this car. Some went onto boring adult stuff like houses, some moved onto the GT-R. The V-Spec II and the Nur Spec were the stuff of dreams. Seeing a Bayside Blue V-Spec II was rare. Even to this day I think I can count on one hand the number of V-Spec IIs i've seen outside of a car meet.

Move forward 22 years..

Liam contacted us via Facebook, selling his Audi to fund his dream car purchase. A BNR34 GT-R. We had missed out on a few cars. Liam increased his budget and this V-Spec II came up at auction. It needed some new side skirts as the owner decided some aftermarket ones looked better (if you are reading this, you were incorrect. They looked terrible). He had already planned a steering wheel re-trim and some Nismo LM GT4 wheels so the fact this had some sub-par rubber installed and the steering wheel was showing signs of wear did not put him off. Seeing the potential with auction cars is a must. Many aren't presented in the best way. THe Japanese mentality of "look, it has a scuff on the front lip - it's a genuine car" is confusing at the best of times.

We've done a hell of a lot of work on this car and the end results are clear to see. Absolutely pornographic.

Enjoy Liam. I think it is fair to say the V-Spec II is now in my dream garage lineup along with the NSX-R, RX-7 Spirit R Type A and FD2 Mugen RR..