Our Story

Andy started BHP Imports in 2005. Originally known as 200bhp Cars, it evolved into BHP Imports after a few years and the business flourished into a successful JDM import service with scores of happy customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

After the 2008 global collapse Andy guided BHP Imports through a tough trading period which saw scores of competitors close up shop or pivot to other industries. At one point, the £ almost halved in value against the Yen.

Andy made adjustments to the business structure and focus and starting importing other JDM vehicles such as the Mazda Bongo. Roll onto 2012 and the global markets returned to some sort of normality.

Now with the markets relatively stable Andy returned to his passion, high performance JDM vehicles. In more recent years many of these JDM exotics have become iconic, collectors items. Models such as the EF9, DC2, BNR32, FD3S are all rocketing in value both in Japan, and the UK.

With 15 years trading experience, BHP has developed strong ties with the auction houses in Japan through a tried and tested procurement process. We know what auction houses are accurate with grading, we know the true costs of buying in Japan. All of this data has gone into our algorithms to give the most accurate pricing in the industry.

In the first quarter of 2017, Andy made the decision to expand the business and invite a partner to join. Offering 20 years experience with Japanese cars, Baz has owned pretty much every model including 2 DC5 Integra Type-Rs, 2 DC2 Integra Type-Rs, an EK9 Civic Type-R, NA2 NSX, NA1 NSX-R (at the time, only 1 of 3 NSX-Rs in the UK), an RX-7 Type RS, a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (way back in 1999 when the JDM phenom started) and a total of 4 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions including one a handful of Tommi Makinen RS Monte Carlo models ever produced.

Baz also brings with him 15+ years in web development and design and 12 years in procurement, mainly in Japan and the Far East. The entire BHP website is developed inhouse. All our tools are our own which enables us to develop new features and functionality both fast, and efficiently.

The Team

With over 80 years combined experience between them, you are in safe hands with BHP Imports

Andy Nicoll

Founder, Director

Baz Smith


Yutaka Okazaki

Japanese Operations